The next major release of WallpaperControl will be Version 1.0. For this release I have planned a lot of new features. Here is an overview about what I’ve done already and what is planned.

Support for images from web services planned
Support for more image formats planned
Additional settings (loop wallpapers…) completed
Select zoom style (stretched, tiled, centered) completed
Add multiple wallpapers to the list completed
Change wallpaper randomly completed
Change wallpaper every startup completed
Change wallpaper by time completed
Change wallpaper by interval completed
Preview of selected wallpaper completed
Add wallpaper to a list completed
Remove wallpaper from the list completed
Move wallpaper up and down in the list completed
Run WallpaperControl in system tray completed

Are you missing a feature? Then suggest it at the Issue Tracker and post at the dicussion forum at Codeplex.

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