Release 1.0

WallpaperControl 1.0 is the next major release of this project. It includes a lot of new features and will be the first recommended release for end-users.


While WallpaperControl will stay being a tiny trayapp the main improvement will be the new ControlPanel. It will be devided into 5 parts:

  • Wallpapers
  • Condition
  • Schedule
  • Settings
  • About

In the first section users will be able to add and remove the wallpapers. The condition will be an own new section. As a new feature the Schedule will be introduced, which will display the next wallpaper and the time until the next change. In the settings tab the users will be able to set the start mode and the user notifications. The last tab contains information about this project.

Code Architecture

The new version will also contain a completely new code archtitecture which is more easier to develop and maintain. This way the project will be prepared for new features.