First Steps

The ControlPanel

After you have started the application for the first time a new windows should open. This is called ControlPanel. Here you can configure WallpaperControl. You can access it also by right-clicking at the icon of WallpaperControl in System Tray and choosing Show ControlPanel.

The ControlPanel has several sections:

  • Wallpapers
  • Condition
  • Schedule
  • Settings
  • About

In the first section you can add and remove the wallpapers. In the second tab you can choose the condition when the wallpaper should be changed. The schedule displays information about the current wallpaper, the next wallpaper and (depending on which condition you have chosen) the time until the next wallpaper change. Here you can also start or stop a new changing sesison. Under settings you can set the start mode and the user notifications. In the last tab you will find information about his project.

Adding A New Wallpaper

Adding a new wallpaper to WallpaperControl is very easy: Just click at the button Add Image in the section Wallpapers of the ControlPanel. After that a dialog will show up in which you can select one or multiple images. Hit Open to add these selected images to the list.

Removing A Wallpaper

Removing a wallpaper is simple as well: Just click at the image path in the list to select it and hit the button Remove Image. This will remove the image from the list, but it will not delete the file.

Change Condition

Before you start a new rotation session you have to specify when the wallpaper should be changed. Therefor open the Condition tab in the ControlPanel. Here you can select the condition. For example click at the Interval box and choose 30 Seconds. If you start a new session then the wallpaper will be changed every 30 seconds.

Start Wallpaper Rotation

After you have added the wallpapers to the list you can start a rotation session in which WallpaperControl changes the wallpaper automatically. Note: You must have multiple images in the list and you must have chosen a change condition before you start a new session!

This is done by opening the Schedule tab in the ControlPanel and clicking on the Activate button. As an alternative you can start the session from the TrayApp by right-clicking on the icon and choosing Activate.

Stop Wallpaper Rotation

If you want to stop a running rotation session simply right-click on the tray icon and choose Deactivate.