The installation process is different depending on the download type you chose previously.

System Requirements

Please check thoroughly that the .NET Framework is installed on your computer. We have tested WallpaperControl with version 4 and 3.5, but it may also work with other versions.

Installation Process


A installer package is not available since WallpaperControl has no stable release yet.

ZIP Package

In this case WallpaperControl doesn’t need a installation. First unpack the archive to a folder on your hard drive. You don’t need any additional software for that since the Windows Explorer can unpack ZIP files. In the following wizard you can choose the location where to unpack the archive. It would be best to create a new folder for WallpaperControl anywhere except the Program Files folder. For example create a folder C:\WallpaperControl. Then extract the downloaded archive to this folder: Right-click at the ZIP file and choose Extract all. Set the location to C:\WallpaperControl. After that all the files are copied in this directory.

To run WallpaperControl open the Windows Explorer (-> choose Computer from the desktop or the start menu) and browse to C:\WallpaperControl. Here you will find a file called WallpaperControl.exe with a blue icon showing two wallpapers. Simply double-click at the file and application will start.