Choose Your Release

Downloading the latest version of WallpaperControl is very easy. Just visit our Release Page. The latest stable version as Installer Package will always be the recommendet release. End-Users should download only the latest stable release. Alpha and Beta versions are only for developers. First you click at the release you want to download. Then you have to choose the way you want to install WallpaperControl before you download a package. The type of the download is indicated in the filename.


This download is an Installer Program that guides you through the installation step by step. This is obviously the easiest way to install WallpaperControl on your computer and the recommended way for most of the users. If you need help there is a section in the Installation Guide. However there are also other options:

ZIP Archive

You can also download the program as a ZIP archive so that you don’t have to install it anymore. This package contains the application and everything needed to run it properly. To run the application you have to execute the archive to a folder on your harddrive. If you need help there is a section in the Installation Guide.

Source Package

Developers interested in the source code can also download a source package. This archive doesn’t contain a compiled executable (.exe) so that the user needs to compile WallpaperControl on his own. If the current release is experimental there won’t be any other packages than the source code available. This package is recommended for developers only!